Quran for kids

we have children as young as 5 that are engaged, able to finish a task and sit for the entire class. However, in our experience, the perfect age, and that recommended by our beloved Prophet (pbuh), is 7 years old.If you are eager to introduce your children to learning online earlier than 7 years of age, the key is to be engaged with them. Young learners need support and a parent or guardian should be present during the class to help them with the device, clicking items and talking to the teacher.For the young learner, whether 7 years of age or younger, the key is the support of the parents or guardians. If they are excited and ready to take the class with the child, the success is far greater. Parents have the power to make the experience enjoyable and something kids will look forward to as they get to be with their parents and play on the computer.Instead of making it a formal class, allow time for stretch breaks. Take time to get up and “shake off the sillys,” make it fun and light. eco For leaners 7 years of age and younger, we recommend classes no longer than 30 minutes.

Kids Learn

In This Course We Teach Nazra Quran To Kids. Nazra Means To Read The Holy Quran Verbally, Without Translation And Memorization. This Course Is Specially Designed For Kids/Children And Adults Trying To Learn The Holy Quran For The First Time. This Course Focuses On Reading Basic Arabic Letters That Leads Them To Read The Holy Quran Correctly. Join For 3 Days Free Trial Class.


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