Refund Policy

Thank you for your cooperation with us. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your service for any reason, you have the right to discontinue the services with us. Please see below for more information for our return policy.

Return Process

To refund amount for the services provided to you, please contact us with Email: knowledgecampus9@gmail.com to obtain Authorization. Please note, you will be responsible for all refund policy charges. We strongly recommend that you use a tractable method.


For the Refund Process If you have taken Educational services for 10 day and are not satisfied with the services provided you will be given full amount back.

After 20 Days the Refund amount drops to half, Moreover after that tenure you want to discontinue your services the refund amount is not applicable. we will process your refund in a timely manner.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us via Email: knowledgecampus9@gmail.com

You will be provided 3 day free trial class, so that you can recognize our teaching resources and techniques, to get familiar with the friendly environment

If you need to go for a vacation or Leave for some personal reasons and continue your classes after that you need to contact us via Email: knowledgecampus9@gmail.com
so that we can freeze your class Schedule, Here after if you desire the same Teacher with the same provided time slot you need to Email us, Thank you